I had not the slightest clue what this word was before seeing it in on the prompt this morning. Premonition- previous notice or warning. 

It’s like when you have a sign that something is going to happen, that gut feeling.gut-feelings.jpg She had a premonition that she was going to get sick. Both her brother and sister were pale-faced and stayed home the day before with chills. Their ghostly attributes were only destined to be shed off on her as she shared the same air to breathe within the confined walls of the empty trailer.


The girls and boys at school had faded like the white wash into a pair of blue jeans. The groups that would gather together at the lunch table were missing some of the buttons that attached to their suited up gang. Rachel, they called her Ray because of her manly features, a name given to her by Mean Girl Number One, the skinny blonde. If one positive thing came out of the flu it would be the disappearance of Mean Girls One, Two, and Four. At least for a week you know, she didn’t wish them dead. Never could she wish someone dead after seeing the way her own mother grew a ghastly face from what they thought was the flu last year.

The lunch lady that coughed in her food Monday morning, today was Wednesday, had vanished too. She was bound to catch something with the fu, the stomach virus, and streptococci bacteria. Both airborne and direct contact made her want to suit up in her PJ’s and ward off the viruses at a safe distance in the corner of her room with a white mask on. She couldn’t though, she couldn’t be like the sissy babies that sat at home, “I don’t wanna get sick momma.” Or the ones that she despised for what a lie they would be judged for if there was an afterlife, “I’m sick mom. I can’t go to school, I’m contagious.” fake sick.jpgShe could see the mean girls now, coughing in their mothers’ faces, claiming their illness was too much for their makeup to cover up. How could their parents not have the premonition that they were raising devil children that called girls with hard jawbones by their name of their male counterpart, Ray.

The Daily Post: Premonition

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